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Senior Travel

Done Right.

Senior Travel Companion Services brings customized trip planning and professional travel escort services to individual seniors and couples around the world. With over 38 years of caregiving and 75+ flights of companion traveling, Carol Giuliani is the mindful attendant and professional fiduciary you can rely on.



Caring Event Companion

Is there a wedding, reunion, family event, etc. you would like to attend but need help traveling there?

We're here to help.


Relocation Made Simple

Would you like to move or relocate by car or plane and want someone to figure out the logistics and accompany you?

We have done it all.


Vacations Done


Do you prefer solo travel to group adventures or vacations? Would you like to go at your own pace?  Would you prefer someone else plan it and accompany you?

We can handle everything.

C0052-Giuliani_Carol-100 (1).jpg

I am your travel solution.

Travel planning is my life-long passion.

I have combined it with my energy and extraordinary experience helping seniors to create this opportunity for you. Let me creatively and efficiently customize your trip and take you safely and comfortably wherever you want to go.

Don't just take my word for it. See what others have to say about their experience with Senior Travel Companion Services.

Planning Travels

Kushel, about Savitaben

Carol's been an amazing help to me and my grandma during our trip to Cancun.  She's treated my grandma with a great deal of respect, she's knowledgeable about all aspects of senior travel, and she's well mannered (by which I mean has a lot of patience for my family and I).


Anne, about Kwo

Without Carol, I would not have been successful in getting my mom relocated to Minnesota.  Her experience allowed my mother to smoothly leave her home in Arizona, check in the airport and land safely.



I took a road trip with Carol in May, 2015, from Arizona to Minnesota. It was a well planned trip and stress free. She is a delightful traveling companion and a good conversationalist.


Linda, about Delores

Carol escorted our 91 year old mother from Seattle to her new home in Charleston S.C.  We honestly don’t think we could have had a better person.  She took care of all the arrangements and managed the entire trip from beginning to end.

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