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Friends Talking


Ryan C, about Howard  and Maureen, both 81

"I entrusted Carol with the exceedingly challenging task of accompanying two seniors, one with Alzheimer’s, from California to New Jersey. I was unsure if I could get them back home to live out their Golden Years with friends and family. My mother’s Alzheimer’s significantly progressed during her brief time in California and I was extremely worried that it would not be possible to travel such a long distance with her. Carol made me comfortable that she could manage the task. She understood my concerns and had solutions for every issue I could foresee. My father can be difficult to keep on track and my mother Alzheimer’s can make her a handful. Carol did great getting them to follow their itinerary and they responded well to her. The trip required several hotel stays and a six-hour flight...  and Carol’s training with Alzheimer’s sufferers was especially useful in getting {my mother} through that challenging time. I was unable to travel with them and I trusted Carol completely. She got them safely to New Jersey and even assisted in getting them checked into their senior living community. My family went through an incredibly stressful time and Carol was a godsend. We could not have done it without her. She even took time to follow up with us to make sure they were doing well in their new living situation. She reunited my family and we are extremely grateful."

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Scott M., about Jill, age 92

"As the financial planner and investment advisor for a retired nephrologist not up to the critical need of getting her 92 year old sister here from Australia,  I was at an impasse on how to get this accomplished.  She was definitely in need of a companion for the nearly 10,000 mile,  24 hour flight.  I found Carol through her website and her professional, thorough approach gave my client and her sister comfort by taking care of every detail.

   Carol could not have been more understanding of the situation, and the woman arrived here in the states without any complications.  What a blessing!"

Randy H., age 62

"Carol is personable, flexible, and did a great job of anticipating any potential needs.  She is also very resourceful and well prepared.  We wanted a day long excursion that was unavailable.  However, she did a great job researching and created the excursion on her own.  It proved to be very enjoyable.  In summary, our trip {to NYC and Long Island} went very well and I would highly recommend Carol for your travel needs."


Cydnie S., about Rosalee, age 81


"I was in need of a somewhat emergent relocation for my 81 year old mother and her 14 year old cat from CA to SC.  I feel so blessed I found Carol’s company.  From the beginning to the end, I knew my mom and kitty were in confident and competent hands.  Flawless communication throughout the process and thankfully, I did not have to do anything except respond to emails. Carol handled everything and I couldn’t have been more thankful as the stress of having to deal with this cross country move on short notice was already taxing my mental health!  My mother enjoyed the trip and told me Carol anticipated every need and had the process to/from the airport down to an exact science.  My mother enjoyed her conversation with Carol throughout. Carol went above and beyond to help with all aspects of this adventure.  Thank you again Carol!"

Joe S., about Michael, age 76

"Our family needed Carol's services on an emergency basis for our 76 year-old father who has Alzheimer's, and is in denial of his disease. Having made his way alone from his assisted-living facility in Arizona to Connecticut, it was urgent that he return to Arizona with a qualified companion despite his insistence otherwise.


With a simple phone call, Carol was able to quickly put together a plan, all travel arrangements and logistics, and flew out next day to pick up our father at hospital discharge in Connecticut. Carol's processes, experience, and disposition combined to make sure our father had his prescriptions replaced and was safely shepherded through meals, a monitored overnight hotel stay, cross-country flight, and handed off to his local care team in Arizona.


We are grateful for Carol's thoroughness and professionalism that ensured our father was handled safely and with dignity throughout. Carol kept us informed as requested through calls, text messages and e-mail, which even included photos of our father smiling as they boarded their flight to Arizona. The experience was so effortless and positive that we will definitely hire Carol in the future for planned travel if our father is ready and able to travel for treatment, vacations, or family events. We were fortunate to connect with Carol during such a challenging time and benefited immensely from her help."


Heather M, about James, age 71


"Carol's services were invaluable. I needed to have my father with late-stage dementia brought from Florida to North Carolina and she handled everything perfectly. From planning the trip to coordinating with his old facility, Carol was professional, thoughtful, and absolutely excelled at her job. I received several updates from her and never had to wonder what was going on or how my father was doing. I would recommend her services to anyone in need."

Kate H., about Henry, age 65

"Carol, you are a real pro at helping families move a loved one across the country.  The trip {from Alabama to Missouri} went so smoothly, I could relax knowing you are so experienced and a natural problem solver.  And good company, too.   Thank you so much for your assistance.  We could not have done it without you.  We are so grateful."


Susan V., about Ernest, age 88 


"Carol was a godsend when I needed someone to assist in moving my stepfather from San Antonio, TX to a military retirement home in Washington, DC.  From the very first time I reached out to Carol, she was so comfortable to talk to, was very understanding of my stepfather’s circumstances, very patient and was very professional. She was in constant communications with me all throughout the process.


Carol handled every aspect of the trip, including flights reservations, hotels, rental cars and finding restaurants.   After landing our airport in San Antonio, she drove to my stepfather’s house to meet with us. She then came back the next day to pick him up for their trip.  Carol gave him a door-to- door service, all the way to the retirement home.


Carol took on this challenging assignment with no guarantee my stepfather would be admitted at his destination until the retirement home evaluated him in person.  This meant that Carol had to have Plan B to re-do their flights, hotel stay, etc.   Luckily, he was accepted, and Carol was able to return to her home.


My stepfather is not a people person, and prefers to be left alone. To my surprise, I’ve learned that he chatted with Carol the entire time during the flight.  That told me that he was perfectly comfortable with Carol!  Carol just has that personality of bringing sunshine to people! 


I am very lucky to have found Carol.  I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who needs her services with traveling.  One can clearly see that she enjoys helping people, passionate in what she does, very knowledgeable, and is very professional. I couldn’t have done what she has done. I can’t thank Carol enough for everything.  Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart! "

Brian M, about Karen, age 75

"I am writing this to ease anyone’s mind in hiring Carol for a travel companion. I had a rush need to get my sister from a care facility when she was released to her new home 2600 miles away (Monterrey, CA to Dayton, OH). Carol took charge and planned everything meticulously. My sister was not pleased at first to travel with someone she didn’t know but she was extremely comfortable with Carol and enjoyed the travel experience as Carol is very easy to talk to. Traveling was a challenge as she needed a wheelchair to get from gate to gate. Carol managed to get a package that had only one stop which made the trip so much better. I cannot speak highly enough of the service provided by Carol from the planning to the execution and would not hesitate to say don’t contact anyone else as you will not find anyone better to provide the service she does!"



Mike T, about Shirley S., age 85


Jenna S, about Patti, age 61

"Carol is fabulous! She recently assisted my client that was relocating from San Antonio to Wisconsin. Carol takes care of every detail, is very attentive, and finds creative solutions to unique challenges! She was able to magically get flights upgraded to first class for FREE! Additionally, she assisted my client through security despite not having proper identification. Carol is very timely in her communication and kept me up to date throughout the entire process. I strongly recommend connecting with Carol for any of your travel/move needs."

"We had an elderly family member who was moving back home to Minneapolis from Las Vegas. Our concerns were that her dementia and physical limitations (along with her small dog) would present concerns for a trip back unaccompanied. When we heard about Carol we were excited and a bit apprehensive all at the same time. A long story short… Carol was simply FABULOUS! She told me every step of the way the cost, any changes, did I have questions or concerns.  She was more than a travel companion, she was a limousine, financial advisor (regarding the trip from A to Z) personal assistant and so much more. We could not be happier with the service Carol and Senior Travel Companion Services provided.  Believe me when it comes to family it's usually not easy, but with Carol it was. There was peace of mind from beginning to end and our loved one had nothing but wonderful things to say about Carol and their conversation on the flight.  We would all recommend Carol and her services to anyone in need of a little help. She knows how to navigate every aspect of a trip and she seems to genuinely enjoy what she does. If we need to do something like this again, we wouldn’t give it a second thought. Thank you, Carol!"


Claudia K., about Edward, age 75


"We were having a hard time figuring out how to get my brother from Las Cruces, New Mexico to St. Paul, MN to have him closer to family. We are road trip people and driving 1400 miles to get him and then back would have been hard on him and us. Flying was an option, but we are not familiar with the ins and outs of flying these days. Fortunately, Carol was recommended by Amanda at Tower Light. Carol is great to work with and very professional. She planned out the trip to get Edward to St. Paul in the afternoon so he could get to a meeting at his new residence. That was no small feat given the limited flights from El Paso, the closest airport to Las Cruces. She took care of picking Edward up from Las Cruces the day before the flight, had dinner with him and stayed in adjacent rooms at a hotel near the El Paso airport so they could catch a 7:00 AM flight. She got him through security, on and off planes, and arrived on time. Edward said Carol was fun to travel with and he thoroughly enjoyed the trip to St. Paul."

Gretchen M., age 81 with Skip, age 83

"When our son-in-law discovered Senior Travel Companion Services and Carol Giuliani, it was like a miracle!  We had been so worried about how we would manage a flight from New York to Portland, Oregon in a pandemic with my husband who has Alzheimer’s and can be unpredictable.  Carol made all the travel arrangements, joined us in a get-acquainted dinner the night before our very early flight, and shepherded us through airport check-in and security to our gate by 5:30 a.m. She did not hesitate when that flight was delayed, meaning we would miss our connecting flights, and in one continuous flurry of activity, rescheduled us on a competing airline, cancelled our original reservations, bought food to keep up our spirits, and successfully seated my husband on board. She remained upbeat, cheerful, proactive for the entire journey.  We highly recommend Carol’s unique service to any traveler."


Ann R., age 53 and Beverly, age 75

"Carol was referred to us by First Fiduciary, Mom’s conservator back in Jan. 2021. My mom was diagnosed with Ataxia in July, 2019.  Not only is her brain shrinking which has caused short term memory issues, but her speech and walking ability for long periods can be very challenging.  She loves the ocean and has not been on vacation since ringing in 2009 in Mexico.  I am her primary caregiver and before her situation got worse, it was important for not only her, but I to enjoy a 5 night vacation in Florida together.  There was just no way I could think of planning such a vacation, using her wheelchair and bringing with a walker and two large suitcases. Carol knows the ins and outs of planning such a vacation for someone of my Mom’s needs.  Not only did she plan within our budget, she helped out immensely with so many other things.  Including making sure we got great seats on the round trip airfare, travel to and from the airport and places we went to.  Helped getting mom around in her wheelchair and getting us lounge chairs and umbrellas. She was always very attentive to our needs!  Carol is a great conversationalist and my Mom and I enjoyed her company.  I could take breaks.  They both even enjoyed playing Scrabble one night.  I would highly recommend Carol.  My Mom now almost daily asks when we can go on our next trip." 

David P., about Gloria, age 89

“We were lucky enough to find Carol to help us bring our mother from rehab in Chicago to where we live in New Hampshire. The situation was complicated by challenges at all levels with the need for constant physical support and reassurance. Carol arranged every detail of the planning, working in advance with airlines to meet specific requirements as well as rehab medical staff to ensure complete understanding of needs, including oxygen. In summary, her preparation and care during the trip paid off in a seamless journey and a great start of a new life with family.”


Jo C., about Pat, age 79

"Our family is so grateful to Carol for her wonderful and thoughtful service. She planned and arranged everything to transport our sister, Pat, from California to Rochester, NY so we did not have to deal with the hassle of traveling ourselves. She knew exactly what to do from beginning to end to provide a safe and comfortable travel experience for Pat, and let us know what was happening along the way. I was impressed with Carol bringing crossword puzzle books for the trip because she knew my sister loved working on them. I feel lucky that I found Carol's website and would highly recommend her to any family needing this type of service."

Monique C., about Gigi, age 78

 "If you need a travel companion, Carol is definitely a great choice! She is kind, resourceful, flexible and extremely professional.  I didn't know there were travel companions, now I do and so do my friends and family.  I won't hesitate to recommend Carol to anyone looking for this type of service. 


Carol was an absolute godsend when I found her services.  In Dec. my step father passed away unexpectedly.   My mother decided to move [from San Diego] to Winnipeg, Manitoba to be near her family.


The entire process of dealing with the death, selling her house, coordinating movers, and getting my grieving and anxious mother across the border, was an arduous task especially with COVID restrictions.  My mom had two dogs that are her pride and joy, and was adamant that they not be placed in the cargo.  Carol made calls to the border patrol to see if she could drive in to Canada and take my mom directly to her condo.  She was able to do that, which alleviated my mom's anxiety. 


Carol took care of all the details for this trip.   I was so grateful and relieved. Carol continually kept me informed of her research, process, and details.   She treated my mom patiently and kindly throughout the entire trip.  Carol sent me texts during their adventure, including following up after dropping off my mom to her new residence.  I let my mom know Carol has checked in with me after her arrival in Canada.  Her comment was “I am sure she shared with you what a great time and fun we had.”  Hearing my mom had a successful and enjoyable trip while having her anxiety lightened, made it totally worth it!"


Yevgeni G., about Sayma, age 83

"For me personally, it was a pleasure working with you.  I believe you did a superb job putting the entire itinerary together and making Sayma feel safe and comfortable on the U.S. portion of the trip itself.  You really made up for the misadventure with the nursing home staff.  Your attention to such details as the lanyard and purse/pouch was really appreciated.  The handover between you and the airline staff [Uzbekistan Airways] was also done very smoothly.  Most importantly, both before and during the trip you were always within reach by email, phone or text messaging, and communicated all the relevant information clearly and with care.  Thank you.  I will recommend your services if someone needs assistance travelling."  

Jess F., about Sharon, age 69

"Carol was referred to us through Nora G. at Central Minnesota Guardian and Conservator Services out of Monticello, MN. We needed someone to accompany one of our ladies on a much needed Florida getaway and we had heard many good things about Carol. She provided personal one-on-one services and was very careful to get the best prices and deals. Carol literally takes care of everything you need to enjoy your trip, including all the arrangements for all travel needs , hotels, meals and activities!
Sharon had a wonderful time in Florida and very much enjoyed Carol's company. Sharon is already planning her next trip with Carol later in the year. I would highly recommend Carol for you or your loved ones' adventures.
Thanks again Carol for the wonderful adventures you provided for Sharon!"


Jon H., about Lori, age 82 

"Carol assisted us with moving/flying our aunt with advanced dementia from California to Minnesota. Carol's coordination/communication was excellent. But most important was her ability to work with our aunt and redirect her so we could get her back here to Minnesota. I don't think we would have made it here without Carol!"

Kari and Rick L, about Kay, age 69

"We needed to move a family member from one state to another.  We contacted Carol and she was perfect for what we wanted.  She was easy to work with and helpful with all the details of the move.  Carol was willing to work with us to find the appropriate airline and flight and conveniently made the reservations.  She picked up our family member at her current residence, which was a few hours from the airport.   She brought additional items that might be needed during the trip including a wheelchair.  She makes sure her client is well taken care of and safe.  We were very pleased with Carol's services and would highly recommend her."


Caroline H., age 92

"The trip [a move from California to Kansas] under Carol's guidance proved totally enjoyable - allowing me to be relaxed with confidence in this important undertaking, under difficult circumstances. Carol is warm, welcoming, charming  and an inviting companion.  Her competency, obvious preparation, travel experience and concern for my safety and satisfaction in making such a journey, plus her good nature and extended friendship kept all events in this journey meaningful, informative and affordable.  It was a wonderful and long sought journey during a truly hectic time in our country and my life.  Thank you  Carol!"


Linda H. and Robin M, about Delores, age 91

"Carol escorted our 91 year old mother from Seattle to her new home in Charleston S.C.  We honestly don’t think we could have had a better person.  She took care of all the arrangements and managed the entire trip from beginning to end.   My mother loved having her with her.  It took so much stress off our family and allowed us to focus on getting mom’s new home ready.     We would 100% recommend anyone who needs a companion for assistance in traveling with them,  or with a loved one, to reach out to Carol.    She is awesome."


Jennifer M., about Zita, age 83


"Carol brought my husband's 83 year old mother, Zita, home to Minneapolis from Florida on, literally, a moment's notice. The stars seemingly aligned as Carol happened to be in the very town where Zita was living and was willing to rearrange her travel plans to accommodate meeting Zita, preparing her for her travels and making all of the necessary arrangements in a very short timeframe. During this crazy time of COVID when travel and protecting our loved ones who are medically fragile is daunting, to say the least, Carol's help came as such a blessing!


Carol is highly organized, experienced, incredibly professional and knowledgeable not only about all things travel related, but also caring for elderly and disabled people. She took extreme measures to disinfect and protect Zita while at the airport and on the plane. She thought of every single detail imaginable and helped us be prepared for anything. And, she sent pictures during the experience to help put our minds at ease. 


Having Carol involved in what has been an emotional and trying experience made something stressful turn into something smooth. We are so grateful for her!"


 Ashley M., about Kevin, age 66

" Working with Carol was not only easy and professional, but she was also extremely compassionate. I had stumbled across Carol’s website when I was looking for a travel companion to help transport my father from New Jersey to Florida to move him into an assisted living facility. We were in search of someone who could help move my father and who could also handle his multiple medical needs during the process. From the first time I contacted Carol, I could tell that this was much more then just a job for her. She asked extensive questions to better serve my father on his move and we kept in constant contact up until my father reached his destination. Any questions I had, she was quick to reply with a thorough response. It is not an easy task to move a loved one with medical issues. It is also not easy to find someone who truly cares to do the job with knowledge and patience. Working with Carol helped alleviate many of my concerns about my father flying without a family member. I would definitely hire Carol again in the future if I needed a travel companion for a family member in need. She offers a great service, and also offers a huge peace of mind when dealing with a difficult decision when traveling with a loved one who needs some extra care.”


Chelsea K., about Linda, age 67

"We were blessed to have found Carol during the Covid pandemic.  My mom needed to move cross country during this very scary time.   I was very worried about the Covid pandemic and how my mom would do navigating through the flight and still stay healthy.  Carol brought with her PPE and sanitized everything before my mom used them.  My mom was understandably very nervous about how the flight would go and Carol checked in with her the night before which really set her mind at ease.  She was very easy to communicate with and kept me updated on her travel status all along the way.  During a difficult time for the country Carol continued to offer services to those that needed it most and we are so very thankful for this.  We will use her again if her services are ever needed. Thank you, Carol!"


Jay E., about Joyce, age 88

"Thank you so much for all your help in arranging the trip and taking care of my mother. She and I both feel things went extremely well. She enjoyed your company and told me you took very good care of her throughout the journey. If you need a recommendation in the future, please have the person contact me for a glowing one. Thanks again! " 


Carolina R., about Maria, age 75


"I can't express enough the gratitude I feel!  Your level of professionalism not only showed your expertise in all travel details, but also the genuine compassion you emitted eased even my own nerves. You traveled with mom not only under the current situation of covid-19, but under a compressed time schedule and on Mother's Day! You meticulously relayed all the precautions and preparations that you were using, that I had no doubt that you would take good care of my mom.  The level of detail from ensuring all of mom's items were packed correctly, the timeliness of getting everything together and the communication you had with all parties involved was beyond my expectations.   I could not have done it better myself!  

I know, if you ask my siblings, that I myself am on top of every detail required to perform a task, as I always strive to anticipate every little thing to make sure all flows nicely in completing any task especially for the care of mom, and you were always two steps ahead. "

Kate P., about M, age 89


"Our family hired Carol to travel with our  mother from Florida to Minnesota to move her to a memory care facility. Our mom recently lost her husband and has dementia, We were very fortunate to find Carol.  She was the perfect fit for mom's travel and companion needs.Carol streamlined what we thought could be a very difficult process and made it seamless. 

Carol gave us the option for us to book all of the necessary flights and hotel or she would. We had her do it all.  Carol discussed timing, options and costs before we booked or committed to anything. Carol is very experienced with working with the clients with special needs, the elderly, the airlines, hotels, TSA, security, necessary travel documents and transportation.  The only glitch was with a hotel reservation and Carol handled it without missing a beat.  

Carol traveled to Florida a day early to meet out mother, her caregivers and family to get to know her.  We were reluctant to not fly with mom and Carol, but she reassured us that she could handle the trip and mom would be fine.  The trip want as planned and mom did  better than expected.  Carol thought of everything including bringing headphones and music for mom.  She will customize each trip based on her clients needs. Carol was well prepared, professional and caring.  We would highly recommend Carol and her services."


Sue H., about Elizabeth, age 57


"Right from the start, Carol Giuliani from Senior Travel Companion Services, went above and beyond when traveling with our cousin for 13 days to Ecuador and Galapagos in Jan., 2020. She is so knowledgeable about traveling, that even before the trip, she gave suggestions to Elizabeth and she helped alleviate some of the nervousness Elizabeth had. She was able to foresee some issues even before the trip started. She reminded Elizabeth that there would always be some bumps in the road when traveling but they’d be able to deal with the problems. On the travel day, Carol met at Elizabeth’s apartment. That was very helpful because she helped with some of the final packing. As they traveled, Carol sent us some occasional photos and updates of the trip. We were thrilled to see some of the experiences that were given to Elizabeth. Throughout the trip, Carol seemed to keep the specific needs of Elizabeth in mind yet she did not treat Elizabeth like she was incapable of doing things as an adult. Carol was a companion but she also treated Elizabeth with respect and as a friend. Towards the end of the trip, there was a winter storm coming into Minnesota. With that in mind, Carol adjusted the flight time so they would arrive back before the storm hit. She did a wonderful job keeping Elizabeth safe throughout the trip. We have nothing but positive things to say about Carol with our cousin. We’re thrilled to know that this company sets up experiences with people with mobility challenges and allows them to experience life. We’re very grateful to Carol for making this trip such a positive experience for Elizabeth."

Kathleen and Suzanne V., about Frank, age 91

"There are not enough words to thank you for providing the services that allowed my grandpa to be at our wedding.  It meant the world to me to have him there  and he enjoyed your company - we all did! 

"Again, thank you for everything you did!  My dad loved every minute of it!  You made it possible for us all to have a wonderful time and create wonderful memories!"

IMG_0021 (2).JPG

Janet F., age 78


"Carol arranged for everything start to finish for a trouble-free flight from Mpls/St Paul, MN to San Diego, CA. for medical reasons.  She knows how airports function and got us through with ease.

I am in my late 70's, and an inexperienced traveler and a homebody. I had plenty of fears and trepidation, but Carol's competency and reassurance made them disappear.

I have difficulty walking distances, so she took me in a wheelchair as needed. She is strong and determined, but she does it all with a smile. She loves what she does, and it shows.

Beyond her abilities, she is a delightful person, a good conversationalist, and made the trip enjoyable as well as practical. I could not have done it without her.

I was pleasantly surprised at her reasonable fees, and I was blessed to have her available to me."

Fred L., Age 69

"Carol took me to Wabasha for 5 days in Nov., 2019.  We had good interactions with the people who live there and connected with Brenda at Turning Waters B & B.  Fun things we did included going to the Silver Star Saloon, the VFW, to church and for a fish fry.  I was pleased that she took me to a pedicurist.  Carol is conscientious, affable, and likes to enjoy things.  She is a good driver and is fun loving.  I hope our next trip is just as good."


Elisa P., a Professional Fiduciary  (about Stacy, age 33)


"Working with Carol was a great experience.  She was professional, responsive, and reliable.  Her knowledge about traveling was useful in coordinating a great trip for my client.  Thank you!"

Stacy added:

"... you did a good job of making sure that i had a good time and got what i wanted to do done."

M, (about Charlie, age 51)


“Our client had an amazing trip to Milwaukee with Carol. She planned and executed the trip professionally and seamlessly by getting to know our client, accommodating his wishes and working with us to plan for all his personal, medical and financial needs from start to finish. I would highly recommend Carol Giuliani, Senior Travel Companions, Inc. as a trusted travel companion expert for any individual needing this service.”


Talia P. (about Herbert, age 62)

"Thank you so much ... I’m glad everything went well and Herbert is with his sister now! It was so great to partner with you to help Herbert get home."


Lee M., age 74

"After spending a year recovering from serious surgery and weakness I still wanted to attend my niece's wedding in the Southwest.  But I just couldn’t imagine doing the travel and wedding on my own.  I didn’t have to!  A cousin found Carol Giuliani who founded an organization for people just like me.  We went, we enjoyed and I returned feeling deeply grateful for all her help.  She made any and all arrangements for travel and accommodations.  She even helped when a large bridge loosened and fell out of my mouth just about an hour before we had to get to the big event.  Dental cement was applied and between the both of us I had my teeth back in place.   Carol is a resourceful and cheerful care giver.  She can be depended on to safely get a client to and from their destination with efficiency and good humor.  Hire her!  You can get to where you want to go." 


Anne C.  (about Kwo, age 73)

"I was referred to Carol when I needed to relocate my mother from Arizona to Minnesota.  She retired in Arizona and had a quick onset of dementia.  Carol was extremely patient and flexible throughout the process as we had an original memory care facility established but it did not work out.  After several months, I was finally able to coordinate the travel with Carol.  Carol is an expert in this space, she not only had experience with senior travel, her educational background and expertise was very helpful at each step of the process.  Without Carol, I would not have been successful in getting my mom relocated to Minnesota.  Her experience allowed my mother to smoothly leave her home in Arizona, check in the airport and land safely.  My mother received the appropriate care and planning from Carol to transport an individual requiring special care.   Carol’s billing was clear, detailed and professional.


I couldn’t say enough great things about Carol and this experience.  She transported the most precious cargo and I trusted her with someone in a vulnerable state.  Thank you Carol!"

Tim M. (about Marilyn, age 75)

"When we initiated the plan to move my Mom from Portland, OR to Chicago, Carol was a logistical powerhouse and support that is unmatched.  Her ability to create a smooth, safe and relationship-based service was impressive.  My Mom was not ambulatory at time of transport and had other medical conditions that needed managing prior to departure and mid flight.  Carol handled all of these requirements with skill and grace to make the requests manageable but also make Mom feel comfortable and respected.  I should note that this trip was short notice and arranged within days.  Carol provided a detailed itinerary and budget that was concise, upfront and very reasonable to accomplish the objective, but also made sure it was safe and comfortable.  Status reports arrived via email with how the day was progressing.  Carol navigated and managed all of the components necessary to make this a successful trip. My Mom said 'she was great!'.  I would highly recommend her service."


Evelyn T., age 90

"Memories of my special day are all pleasant ones.  I was pleased with your attention to detail, calmness with unexpected snags so frequent when traveling, all the while remaining pleasant.  I felt I was traveling with a longtime trusted friend.  Many thanks for helping me relax and enjoy my trip.  I admire your confidence driving in busy Chicago traffic, it was reassuring since I don't care for it.  Your much needed service done so cheerfully was all I hoped for."

Mary Pat G. (about Patricia, age 88)

"My mother and I feel so fortunate to have found Carol. My mother was living alone and needed to relocate out-of-state so that she would be closer to friends and family. She needed someone to help her navigate airports and remind her to check her glucose levels while traveling.


Thank goodness I found Carol to help us. Carol did an amazing job of finding reasonable hotels and flights. She emailed me with updates and pictures while my mom was traveling.


My mom loved her! She’s fantastic and highly recommended!!"


Kushel P. (about Savitaben, age 85)

"Carol's been an amazing help to me and my grandma during our trip to Cancun.  She's treated my grandma with a great deal of respect, she's knowledgeable about all aspects of senior travel, and she's well mannered (by which I mean has a lot of patience for my family and I).  

My grandma is Indian and she's vegetarian and she doesn't speak almost any English.  Carol was very respectful of her traditions, helped put on her Indian clothes, remembered and served her vegetarian food, and cared for our traditions and customs.   

Carol also knew all the ins and outs of traveling for my special needs grandma who is unable to move much.  Carol had her own light weight and comfortable wheelchair.  She knew how to get the airline to seat her and to get my grandma to the airport which included everything from security to getting her seated first.  

I'd recommend Carol for anyone and would definitely use her services in the future."

Susana D. (about Aurora, age 73)

"I want to give a huge thank you to Carol for bringing my grandmother from California to Michigan! My grandmother had three strokes resulting in right side paralysis, a leg amputation, and speech asphyxia. That being said, I would imagine this trip was a challenging one!


But Carol was amazing, and made everything so stress-free. She took care of planning the entire trip from the airline flights to ground transportation to being in contact with the nursing facilities. We were all so impressed at how detailed she was and how much work she put into making this trip perfect. She even went to my grandma’s nursing home the day before to meet her and the nurses, and practice transferring her onto the wheelchair.


She sent us a detailed trip proposal, which I must say was very reasonable, and worked well with our personal budget. She is very honest and from the moment I sent her initial payment, she got right to work booking everything and sending me receipts. The entire duration of the trip, she kept us in the loop with messages and pictures which was so wonderful!


And finally, meeting her in person you can just see what a warm and kind hearted person she is and totally experienced with this! I loved her passion and felt so comfortable knowing that my grandmother traveled with her. I’m so grateful to have found her website. She truly went above and beyond our expectations and I would highly recommend her to everyone.


Thank you again Carol for bringing us grandma!"


Elena, about Beverly (at her wedding in Raleigh), age 90


"Thank you for escorting my grandma this weekend.  She is very important to me and I am so grateful to you for making it possible for her to be here.  I know she is grateful to have you here as well.  Thank you!"





Tim, about Beverly (at his nephew's wedding in Philadelphia), age 90

"Big thanks for your care and compassion for

our Mom. 

You are a great addition to our family gatherings."


Laura J. (about Carolyn, age 86)

" I would be happy to share a review of our travel experience together, transporting my mother-in-law from rural MN to her home in Denver.  It was quite a big task, considering C had been living in Dassel for 3.5 years, and you were kind enough to pack her possessions acquired during that time, into a U-Haul, before beginning the 18 hour drive back home.  You were  very patient, competent and thoughtful with C, as she was in a walker and uncontent to boot. You  inspired such confidence that my C. was not frightened and maintained a cheerful outlook throughout the long 2 day drive. It could have been a tricky situation, but all went smoothly.  Thank you so much for helping C begin a new and better phase of her life."


Jenna S., a Professional Fiduciary

(about Lucy, age 81)


"Carol has been tremendous to work with! She assisted [Lucy on a trip to her granddaughter's wedding in Bristol, Virginia/Tennessee]. She is kind, organized, and able to navigate any scenario with ease! Her flexibility and professionalism have made planning trips for my clients a breeze. I would highly recommend Carol to anyone looking for a travel companion!"

Donna S. (about Doris, age 88)


"Thank you so much for everything. This [trip from Albuquerque to San Francisco] was a huge help to us because if my mom had to wait for me to be able to take a weekend to travel with her, she would've had to have stayed in Santa Fe probably until Christmas which she absolutely did not want to do. Thanks for making this possible and for being so thorough with your email messages, expenses and so on. It was a pleasure working with you and I would recommend your services to anyone in a similar situation. Thank you so much!"


Tony S., age 87

"A trip I had planned to Italy earlier this summer had to be cancelled at the last minute. Carol was known to my daughter Carolyn, and when contacted she agreed to work with me to salvage most of my costs from the cancelled trip AND to plan an alternate trip to a place of my choice.

After looking at numerous options, we decided on a trip to the United Kingdom, settling on flying to Edinburgh for 4 days, then training it to York for 2 days, and finally training it to London for 4 days.

With her extensive knowledge of traveling, arranging for transportation, lodging, and sights to see, Carol was able to put together a satisfactory itinerary, and we departed MSP on October 7th.


Traveling with Seniors, many of who present their challenges, Carol knew the ropes of getting through the long TSA lines at the airports; of being able to board the planes first; and of being able to take along my four wheel walker that made my walking in various venues a piece of cake. And walk we did. Literally miles not only on flat ground but up and down numerous stairs. One day I lost the count at 273 steps!! That's a lot of toting of that walker.


With her assistance, the trip was a success. Not only did it make my travel smooth, my family was more at ease knowing I was in capable hands. Success on this trip has me wondering, "where to next?"


Gail  K. (about Marie, age 83)

IMG_1978 (2).JPG

"Carol recently was the companion for my 83 year old mother-in-law to attend my daughter’s wedding and helping her navigate the wedding.  Carol was absolutely outstanding and so charming.  She drove my mother-in-law, Marie, from Huntington Beach, Ca to Santa Barbara (2 hour drive) and stayed with Marie for the wedding and transported her back late that evening.


Carol, not only provided all these services, she did additional wonderful touches – such as, she met with Marie the day before the drive to the wedding, she sent photos of Marie at the wedding, her drive back took 4 hours (ugh traffic), and she was so attentive and kind to Marie, who can be quite quirky.  Carol was very clear and professional in arranging all the details and communicating with me.  I would use her services in a heartbeat again and she was worth every penny!!!"

Denise F. (about Brad, age 53)

"Carol assisted my brother in travel from Minnesota to Oregon for a Memorial service as he is not capable of handling this on his own.  She organized flights, car rental and a place to stay for their entire time in Oregon.


Her attention to detail and communication skills were excellent and thoughtful with not only me and my family but also with my brother. He can be difficult to read at times and is a very introverted individual. She handled him skillfully and I was very comfortable that his needs were well managed throughout their travel.  I would definitely use her services again."


Kendra W. (about Myrisa, age 23)

"As far as your services, I would recommend you to anyone.  You have been very pleasant and easy to work with.  I felt comfortable knowing you would be accompanying and watching over my daughter while in your care.  Your fee was very reasonable and well worth it.  This whole situation has been very stressful for me and you made her transfer stress free and I greatly appreciate everything you have done for us.  You were right on top of scheduling,  coordinating and getting things handled.  Very professional.  Had we tried to book flights and get to Myrisa it would have been an absolute nightmare.   I am very satisfied and pleased with all the services you provided to us. I will definitely keep your contact information and would not hesitate to reach out to you in the future, if needed. 

Thanks again Carol"  

Nina S. (about Candace, age 70)

"I contacted Carol Giuliani to help a client move across country via train. Candace suffers from some mental health challenges including OCD and has physical problems with traveling, most notably motion sickness. Candace is an intelligent and kind person but is also agoraphobic and can be selfish. She had not left her apartment in 20+ years excluding trips to the doctor. So in addition to extreme OCD Carol was dealing with someone with social anxiety who could only travel by train. A plane was out of the question due to fear of flying. The trip from Chicago to Massachusetts took 19 hours and Carol delivered Candace safely.  Carol handled it professionally and in a caring manner. 


From the beginning, Carol was easy to communicate with, returned calls promptly and checked in with me to get updates. She provided a crystal clear estimate of trip costs and the way she outlined each expenditure after the trip was straight forward. She is a savvy traveler and researched flight prices to reduce costs as much as possible. Carol was also flexible with dates and traveled to Chicago to help my client on short notice. 


On the day of travel I met Carol at the nursing home where Candace was living at the time and was surprised she was early and jumped right in to help Candace pack and prepare. She was a calm presence in Candace's anxious world. When I dropped Carol and Candace off at the train station in downtown Chicago I felt confident and reassured that Candace would be successful in her journey to her new home on the east coast". 

Carol S.(about Maris, age 80)

"Maris is my brother-in-law. He had a stroke, needed a walker and a wheelchair for long distances.   He had been residing in a nursing home in Ohio for almost a year and wanted to come to Minnesota where we lived.  Carol was able to accomplish moving him back to Minnesota.  It was during the time of the year when it is often icy in the Cincinati area - and Carol encountered this with her drive with Maris to the airport which was almost an hour's drive.  She got to the airport on time in spite of accidents on the freeway and then endured a delay in the flight due to needing to deice the plane.  Throughout all of this Carol kept Maris calm, comfortable and well fed.  Maris has some inability to speak, but she kept communicating with him through allowing him to write questions and answers to her.  She was wonderful to him --and very patient.  Maris arrived in good condition and excited about moving to Minnesota.  Carol was so easy to work with to plan this event and was flexible also in how we would pay her for this.  I would recommend her to fill that need for moving and traveling with the elderly who need extra help.  She is a lot of fun, open to do most anything you ask her, very capable of taking care of any medical situation that arises with an elderly person, and has a lot of love for the elderly that she works with."  

Debbie K., age 67

"Thanks for the photos.  I thoroughly enjoyed your company on the Mexico trip!  I hope to get on another trip this year to somewhere.  Thanks again for your companionship ..."

Amina K. (about Abu Ahmad, age 67)

 "I and my family are very happy to get the company and service of Carol Giuliani during our unending flight from Dubai To U.S.A. She has been like an angel taking care of my disabled husband during the whole flight, feeding him, taking him for strolls through the aisles, while I was resting and enjoying my flight.


In transit, Carol also took him to the toilet, patiently giving him all the time he needed. I am so happy with her that I have spoken about her kind caring service to my family. Anyone who chooses her service will be happy. Thank God my daughter found her for me."

Mike H. (about his parents, ages 78 and 81)

"My family and I cannot thank you enough for your help bringing my parents from Florida to Minnesota. Your travel experience really made things easier for us: arranging for accessible transportation, picking up the van and meeting us at the transitional housing, planning travel times, getting us through security, managing luggage, and letting us use your wheelchair made it very easy for us.

The most impactful thing was how you kept my Dad comfortable and relaxed through the whole process. Your calm, considerate, caring manner put us all at ease and made for a smooth relaxed trip from start to finish!"

Lori A . (about Joyce, age 96)

"Carol Giuliani was the answer to our prayers. When my son was getting married, his 96 year old grandmother very much wanted to attend. There were so many barriers to making that happen, that I was afraid it was not to be. She lives 5 hours away and has memory and mobility problems. Her safety, comfort and transportation were all concerns. When I expressed our dilemma to the bride's mom, she remembered that Carol has helped other seniors take trips and suggested that I contact her.


Carol exceeded our expectations and was wonderful from the start, completely flexible in supporting us and making sure that Grandma was comfortable and safe throughout. At the hotel Carol took charge of her medications, helped her settle in and get ready. She drove her to and from the wedding and stayed by her side, anticipating needs and smoothing the way. She stayed with her overnight, breakfasted with her and helped her pack and meet her ride the next morning. 

Carol was caring, confident, reassuring, organized, and professional and I would heartily recommend her to any senior or family of a senior who wants to travel, but needs assistance. She can manage just about any challenge that comes along, and with a smile. She even took one of my very favorite photos of the night!

Carol took the worry off our shoulders and made it possible for Grandma to enjoy her grandson's wedding and we are so very grateful to her!"

 Wade W.  (about Tom, age 74)

"Thanks so much for all your help and being a good travel buddy for my dad. I know he had a great time at his class reunion. That was only possible because of your great help!"

Phil S, age 65

"Traveling with Carol is absolutely as smooth and serene as it could be.  She brought me to my favorite resort in Manzanillo, Mexico for an eight day vacation when I was afraid my diabetes and progressive blindness might prevent me from ever returning.  Carol is truly incredible as both a person and a professional.  I think I said 'Thank you, Carol' at least fifty times a day for all the great little and big things she did for me.  I heartily recommend anyone consider her if they need a companion for travel anywhere in the world."

Chris B, age 65

"I really wanted to go to Miami for a week to celebrate my birthday, and Carol made that happen.  She arranged the luxury trip I wanted, with first class accommodations at the Fountainbleau, found a taxi driver with a ramp to be at our disposal, and hired a local Senior Helper named Ronaldo who got me showered and ready every morning.  We had no trouble flying with my power wheelchair, oxygen tank and meds.  While we had great meals and enjoyed the pool bars, we also got to some local places and went to the casino twice. Carol is a nice lady and is fun to be with. I am looking forward to an Alaskan cruise with Carol in the future!"

Mark S. (about Janet, age 82)
"We hired Carol to accompany our mother on a flight from Minnesota to San Francisco as part of a move to a new memory care home in order to be closer to family.  Carol was fantastic in all regards and we would very highly recommend her for someone looking to hire a travel companion for a senior.  Our mother hadn't been on a plane in 10 years, and she is dealing with advanced Alzheimer's disease.  Carol kept my mom at ease, and when they arrived in San Francisco, Mom was just fine.  She even seemed to be enjoying the adventure.  Carol also handled a number of details including specific flight and seat selection, securing wheelchairs and she even loaned us some suitcases.  Since we have had so much going on, it was invaluable having someone handle all these details as well.  Thank you, Carol!"
Jennifer M. (about Stephany, age 72)
"I hired Carol to take one of my clients that I am a trustee for, on a road trip to Bethany, Missouri to have a service for her late mother.  My client has many disabilities including autism and OCD.  She would not fly so driving was her only option.  When I called Carol to set it up, I explained what a challenge this would be to deal with.  Carol said "no problem" and she meant it.  She took the time to have many meetings and phone calls prior to the trip to put my client's worries at rest.  Carol really took the time to get to know Stephany and what her needs were.  It took them 1 1/2 hours to get out the door but along the way, Carol sent me email updates with pictures.  My client hadn't been back to her home town since the 70's and was overjoyed to be back there to lay her mother to rest.  Carol did an excellent job and was patient and compassionate with my  client.  You can tell Carol is very passionate about what she does and enjoys it!  I hope I am able to use her services again.  She was a pleasure to work with."

Charlie W.  (about Jim, age 70)

"Carol accompanied my father during his 5-day trip to the East Coast for my daughter's high school graduation.  Carol provided exactly the service we were looking for.  She coordinated all transportation to/from the airport, rental car, lodging accommodations (a house shared with other visitors from out of town) and communicated everything with me in advance for review and approval before important decisions were made.  She's an excellent communicator and easy to work with.

Once they arrived Carol integrated herself into the family immediately, joining the festivities (even hosting us for dinner) and helping throughout her stay in ways that went above and beyond our expectations.  She was attentive to my father's needs, patient and kind.  I would highly recommend Carol if you are looking for similar assistance and am grateful to her for making my father's attendance possible."


Terri B. (about Mort, age 79) 


"We had two big family events  in the same summer, one on each coast.  It is extremely difficult to travel with our dad as he has paralysis on his left side, affecting his ability to walk, see, and do simple daily tasks.  He needs the restroom constantly and he takes forever!  Traveling locally with him is difficult. None of us could imagine the challenge of escorting him through an airport and on a plane in order for him to attend these two important events.  

We searched the internet for a senior travel companion and immediately found Carol Giuliani and her website.  We could not have been any luckier!  Carol has a terrific personality - she easily engaged dad. She was very patient with him, helping him do what he could for himself, but she also gently set limits with him when needed.  Carol is experienced with elderly and disabled people.  She helped dad get his plate at the buffet, but later stood aside so dad could socialize independently.

Carol came to dad's home and packed his bag for him.  She drove him to the airport and got him and his wheelchair to Newark, NJ, then drove a rental into New York for our family reunion - no territory is too  challenging for her!  Two months later she flew dad to California so he could attend his granddaughter's wedding.  Carol took dad on a brief coastal tour, and when he took a slight fall and needed the assistance of emergency services to get him back in his wheelchair, Carol knew what to do  Dad had some stomach issues and Carol simply handled whatever needs arose.  Believe me, we could not have managed this kind of travel with dad without her help.  Having Carol along was a delight!  She exceeded all expectations helping with dad.  And she kicked our butts in Scrabble!  


We were all so grateful to have found Carol and cold not have been more pleased to have her join our family and help dad attend these two important family occasions."

Jullene K., a Professional Fiduciary (about GG, age 60)

"Carol planned a trip for a client of mine for whom I act as the trustee for his special needs trust.  He is a vintage car enthusiast who wanted to travel to see a car show and other sites in the south.  Carol made all of the arrangements for a five day trip by air to Memphis and Nashville where my client visited two car shows, Country Music Hall of Fame, Grand Ole Opry, zoo, and Graceland and much more!  He experienced such wonderful adventures and it was truly a trip of a lifetime for my client who can't wait for his next one.  Carol was the perfect person to plan a trip tailored to one's needs and desires.   I would not hesitate to work with her again! "

Mary F. (about John, age 69 and Kathy, age 64)


"My sister and brother-in-law asked Carol to drive with them from Minneapolis to Sanibel on very short notice. The drive looked long, they were traveling with a pet and they have a new car. While they could have managed the drive it looked very big to them. Carol didn’t hesitate to join in and get herself organized to leave with them on 48 hours notice. They alternated drivers and navigated the long drive together. Carol helped them identify quality pet friendly places to stay and even sought out some sight seeing opportunities along the way. I can’t tell you what a wonderful, stress free trip they had together. They laughed, chatted and drove for 3 days and the amount of stress taken off my sister and her husband’s shoulders can’t be quantified in this short testimonial. Carol and I have been friends for a very long time but this is the first time I’ve seen what she provides as part of her travel companion business. She is wonderful, smart, funny, engaging and incredibly well-prepared. Not only that, she searched for the least expensive flight home saving our family hundreds of dollars. Thank you Carol. If you have a unique circumstance and are looking for a traveling companion you should consider using Carol’s services. I’d be happy to share our experience with anyone wanting more information. Carol is an invaluable resource to our family."

Paris, (about JM, age 79)

"Carol Giuliani and my senior Mother recently took a six day trip together to New York City.  All of the details were well organized by Carol, from airline reservations to transportation to and from airports, to baggage service, and wheelchair when necessary.  My Mother and our family had a chance to review and approve all of these possibilities before we made any decisions.  All factors were considered and taken under management by Carol and once chosen, relieved our family for the first time of the increased responsibilities that come with traveling with a senior parent who now benefits from a little help.  It was a jump for us to to use Carol and the first time we had tried her service, and we are so glad that we did!  


Carol was already well informed about the nearest grocery and Farmers' Market, because she likes to cook and did so, much to my Mother's delight. Carol also encouraged her to get out to some of her favorite restaurants in NY as well; it is always better to have a companion to do that with.  Carol was well informed about my Mother's current medications and medical conditions (she had spoken with my Mother's nurse before departure) and knew where the nearest emergency room was in relation to the New York address before their arrival.  The budget was decided before the departure - all very clear - and was well followed and documented.  Since my Mother's family was not in NY at the time, Carol proved to be an ideal person to venture around with, getting out to the theater, films and even the famous Korean Spa where they rejuvenate the body energy (just in time for the

New Year!).  Although my Mother is a very independent person, she was comfortable having Carol present, as was our family in the event my Mother needed anything. Carol was friendly and energetic and they seemed to get along well in their time together.  Everything seemed to go smashingly and we look forward to the next occasion."





Greg, age 69


"My wife and I went with Carol to New York City for a long weekend vacation.  She booked very convenient and economical airfare for us, found a Broadway play for us that was tremendously entertaining, and arranged a food tour of Greenwich Village that was delicious and interesting.  The pace of the trip was comfortable and we had enough flexibility to add a street fair that she discovered.  Carol is organized, up-beat and fun to travel with.  Her attitude and experience allowed us to create more great memories of a city we have long enjoyed."



John G.  (about his parents, ages 89 and 87)

"I am a highly seasoned traveller and when it was time to relocate my parents who are in their late 80's from the East Coast to the Twin Cities in September, we used Carol's services and recommend her highly.  The trip was well planned and well executed in all aspects, including the use of mobility services in the airport and in other aspects of senior care.  Carol is highly responsible, a good communicator and has a very practical approach to travel as well as strong appreciation of legal and business issues which is a big help."

NANCY G., age 79

"I took a road trip with Carol in May, 2015, from Arizona to Minnesota.  It was a well planned trip and stress free.  She is a delightful traveling companion and a good conversationalist.  I believe her business acumen and her personality will combine to make this a successful venture."

Marian, age 93

"Carol drove me from my Minneapolis home to my cabin near Grand Marais twice. We went through Brainard on one trip so that I could visit with a friend, and that was a real treat! Carol is well organized, a very responsible driver and a fun person to travel with. She made sure my cabin was ready, brought me groceries and checked in on me regularly. I felt safe and comfortable, and was delighted to have the opportunity to visit my favorite place on earth!"

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Georgene, age 82

"I traveled to Key West, Florida with Carol in 2011 for several days and completely enjoyed the trip. She got me smoothly through the airport and arranged to have a scooter for me on arrival at our lovely hotel. Carol arranged a sunset cruise, a sightseeing tour and some fine dinners. When weather spoiled an event, she quickly made alternative plans and I didn't have to worry or lose money. The trip was even better than I anticipated, and I would highly recommend traveling with Carol!"

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