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Customized Trip Planning & Travel Escort for Individual Seniors or Couples
 since 2015

Senior Travel Companion Services, LLC brings customized trip planning and travel escort services to individual seniors and couples around the world. With 40 years of caregiving, 27 years of professional fiduciary experience, and more than 125 trips successfully executed, Carol Giuliani is the mindful attendant and travel companion you can rely on.



Family Event Companion

Is there a wedding, reunion, family event, etc. you would like to attend but need help traveling there?  Do you need someone to be with you during the event?

I'm here to help.


Relocation Made Simple

Would you like to move or relocate by plane or car and want someone to arrange the logistics and accompany you?

I have done it all.


Vacations Done


Do you prefer solo travel to group adventures or vacations? Would you like to go at your own pace?  Would you prefer someone else plan a trip and accompany you?

I can handle everything.

I am your travel solution.

Travel planning is my life-long passion.

I have combined it with my energy and extraordinary experience helping seniors to create this opportunity for you. Let me creatively and efficiently customize your trip and take you safely and comfortably wherever you want to go.


I am a whiz at working out logistics and executing trips all over the world. I will put together a trip for you by air and/or car and join in any or all aspects of the trip you desire.  If you just need help getting back and forth to a destination, or connecting with loved ones, I can do that.  Because I love to travel, my fees are reasonable and flexible.  


“Thank you so much for being my dad’s travel companion! I was able to completely let go of any apprehension of him traveling. It was absolutely stressless for me. Dad continues to send diary notes, photos and videos and has very good stories and memories of the [11 day] trip [to Scotland and England]. I’m forever grateful for you and what you do and I hope he decides he is ready to hit the road again with you as his guide!” 


—  Carolyn, about her father, Tony, age 87

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