Customized Trip Planning and Travel Escort for Individual Seniors or Couples

Provided by Carol Giuliani, an Experienced Caregiver and Professional Fiduciary

Sue H., about Elizabeth, age 57


"Right from the start, Carol Giuliani from Senior Travel Companion Services, went above and beyond when traveling with our cousin for 13 days to Ecuador and Galapagos in Jan., 2020. She is so knowledgeable about traveling, that even before the trip, she gave suggestions to Elizabeth and she helped alleviate some of the nervousness Elizabeth had. She was able to foresee some issues even before the trip started. She reminded Elizabeth that there would always be some bumps in the road when traveling but they’d be able to deal with the problems. On the travel day, Carol met at Elizabeth’s apartment. That was very helpful because she helped with some of the final packing. As they traveled, Carol sent us some occasional photos and updates of the trip. We were thrilled to see some of the experiences that were given to Elizabeth. Throughout the trip, Carol seemed to keep the specific needs of Elizabeth in mind yet she did not treat Elizabeth like she was incapable of doing things as an adult. Carol was a companion but she also treated Elizabeth with respect and as a friend. Towards the end of the trip, there was a winter storm coming into Minnesota. With that in mind, Carol adjusted the flight time so they would arrive back before the storm hit. She did a wonderful job keeping Elizabeth safe throughout the trip. We have nothing but positive things to say about Carol with our cousin. We’re thrilled to know that this company sets up experiences with people with mobility challenges and allows them to experience life. We’re very grateful to Carol for making this trip such a positive experience for Elizabeth."

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  • Would you like to move or relocate by car or plane and want/need someone to figure out the logistics and accompany you.

  • Is there a wedding or reunion you would like to attend but you need   help traveling there and someone to stay with you for the event?

  • Are you a snowbird or cabin owner who would like an experienced traveler to get you safely to your favorite destination? 

  • Do you prefer solo travel to group adventures or vacations, would like to go at your own pace, and would prefer someone else to plan it and accompany you?

  • Does planning a trip and transportation to your long distance destination seem daunting?

I am your solution.  

Travel planning is my life-long passion, and I have combined it with my energy and extraordinary experience helping seniors to create this opportunity for you.  Let me creatively and efficiently customize your trip and take you safely and comfortably wherever you want to go.








Your safety, satisfaction and security are my priority,  


I will put together a trip for you by air, train and/or car and join in any or all aspects of the trip you desire.  If you just need help getting back and forth to a destination, or connecting with loved ones, I can do that.  Because I love to travel, my fees are very reasonable and flexible.  

I have planned and accompanied seniors on domestic and international trips who are able-bodied as well as those with Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease, partial paralysis, ostomy bags and catheters, vision and hearing loss, cancer, brain damage, limited mobility or experience other mental and/or physical situations requiring help or supervision.  Their ages have ranged from 60 to 96, and I have had the pleasure of escorting several of our military veterans to long distance destinations.  


The trips can be one day/one way up to vacations lasting as long as desired. This is a door-to-door service provided personally by me, as I have the unique combination of both extensive travel and senior carer experience to successfully accomplish a move or long distance trip.


My personal travels include destinations throughout North and South America, Southeast Asia, the Caribbean, Europe, Russia, Africa and the Middle East.   I've raised three sons so I can handle anything!

I will work within your budget to craft a trip or adventure that allows you to have the experience you desire, without the hassle of planning, or the worry of unanticipated consequences.

Please visit my Testimonials page for great stories and photos, like this:

Carol Giuliani has been a caregiver for over40 years and a professional fiduciary: Guardian, Conservator/POA/

Trustee and Personal Rep. for over 27 years.  She is insured, background checked and practiced law for over ten years.  With a partner, Carol trains and certifies others to become travel companions.


"We hired Carol to accompany our mother on a flight from Minnesota to San Francisco as part of a move to a new memory care home in order to be closer to family. Carol was fantastic in all regards and we would very highly recommend her for someone looking to hire a travel companion for a senior.  Our mother hadn't been on a plane in 10 years, and she is dealing with advanced Alzheimer's disease.  Carol kept my mom at ease, and when they arrived in San Francisco, Mom was just fine.  She even seemed to be enjoying the adventure. Carol also handled a number of details including specific flight and seat selection, securing wheelchairs and she even loaned us some suitcases. Since we have had so much going on, it was invaluable having someone handle all these details as well.

Thank you, Carol!"

See more on my testimonials page!

Carol Giuliani of STCS has personally planned and executed over 100 trips with clients to 40 states and nine countries in the last five years including Bulgaria, Ecuador, the UK and the UAE. 


“Thank you so much for being my dad’s travel companion! I was able to completely let go of any apprehension of him traveling. It was absolutely stressless for me. Dad continues to send diary notes, photos and videos and has very good stories and memories of the [11 day] trip [to Scotland and England]. I’m forever grateful for you and what you do and I hope he decides he is ready to hit the road again with you as his guide!” 


—  Carolyn, about her father, Tony, age 87